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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back in Town

Crystal and I made it back to Lima Tuesday morning about 11 a.m. We had a very interesting trip, and will be writing about it soon. Here are a few facts.
1. The trip involved about 25-26 hours of traveling in transit bus, taxi, tour bus, and mototaxi (three wheel motorcycle with bench on back)
2. Around 130 people from surrounding churches participated
3. The conference lasted from Wednesday to Sunday
4. Roman, Solange, Crystal and I taught the children for 4 hours each morning and about 2 hours each evening.
5. It was Seth's first opportunity to try to eat a complete chicken head that he found in his soup. (There were actually two of them, and he still has not figured it out)
6. Seth lost the camera so there won't be any pictures from this trip until they get in contact with others who had a camera (we are trying to figure out what to do about the camera-less situation)
7. God kept us safe for a lot of traveling!

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