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Friday, January 4, 2008

Entering into the New Year

We spent New Year's Eve in Musa Baptist Church. We sang songs, gave testimonies, listened to special music, played games, ate a special supper, and prayed. As the clock struck twelve, we all gathered around in a circle and held hands. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered up for the year that God had graciously given to us, and requests were made that this coming year would be one of spiritual growth and glory to God.
The church at that point was a special refuge from the world. Outside firecrackers popped, explosions sounded, car horns honked, radios blasted. Inside Christian brothers and sisters bowed their heads in silence to thank the God who gives us every good and perfect gift. Outside smoke filled the air, the stench of alcohol assaulted the senses, burning piles of trash let off their aroma. Inside the spirit of thankfulness filled the room, a sense of hope and expectation permeated each believer. Outside, cheers were being made, parties were starting, everyone was letting go. Inside, followers of Christ bowed before the throne and placed their confidence in God's good, acceptable, and perfect will.
I thank God for the fellowship we can have amongst the brothers and sisters in Christ found in every nation, heard in every tongue.

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