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Monday, January 28, 2008

Peru Update 1/28

Travel Status - Tuesday morning we arrived back home around 11 a.m. after a week in Ucrania, San Martin, Peru. It was a long trip, about 25+ hours of travel to arrive at the conference. We spent the week teaching the children for about 4 hours in the mornings and 2 hours each evening. Churches from that region gather every year for training, fellowship, and evangelism. We have many interesting stories, and God was able to use the trip greatly in our own lives to depend on Him more and more (in other words, He showed us that we can do NOTHING without Him!).
Future Schedule - The next few weeks we will be headed to camp. The first week will be a Pastor's camp, where many of the pastors from Lima, and other major cities of Peru will be gathered for more training and encouragement. Week number two will be with the BMM missionaries from Peru. We are looking forward to meeting and learning from these experienced servants of God. Also, each Sunday morning Seth will continue to preach in Musa and Crystal continue to teach Sunday School.
Prayer Requests - Please pray that 1. We will continue to be more like Christ (1 Jn. 3:3) and be able to communicate His truth effectively, 2. We will encourage and strengthen the believers we come in contact with (especially at camps), 3.That we would have wisdom for future service.
The Peru Side - If over generalizations were acceptable, this would be one of my top ones: Peruvian people are very conscientious about their appearance. Though a child has only one or two pairs of pants, his mother will keep both of them looking as new as possible. This is an exemplary trait, especially considering that almost all washing is done by hand, and takes hours upon hours each week. In the city this grueling task is facilitated by running water (in some circumstances), but in most Peruvian homes outside the big city it takes place by the river or over an old bucket. This cleanliness is most evident as one passes by a work place right around quitting time. The men, though sweaty and tired after hours of strenuous labor, take time to change into their nice pair of pants and shirt before getting on the bus to go home. They take great precautions in looking presentable. (The only drawback is the lack of proper changing rooms on the job sight. Just remember to not be out walking past job sites around quitting time!)

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Chris and Emily said...

Hey Seth, This is Chris Haynes. I found a link to here from your comment on Steve's blog. I'm excited to hear that God is continuing to lead you to Peru. Em and I are still out in Kent, WA. You've probably heard through the Pilly grapevine that we had a daughter, Abby. Anyway, this is supposed to be a comment not a novel. I'll be praying that God will continue to work through you and Crystal as you seek to serve Him.

Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. (Philippians 3:8)