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Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's not easy being Spiderman

I don't ever remember being afraid of spiders. Sure, I think they are nasty and would never make one a pet, but I have not run from them. I have actually interacted with many spiders in my day. I have stomped on large spiders, smashed small ones, flicked daddy long legs and squashed garden spiders. I have watched a black widow move along the wall and held a jar with a brown recluse. I have even tolerated staring at the tarantula displays at zoos. I have not made it through an entire viewing of "Arachnophobia," about 5 minutes was enough for me, but I have picked up dead spiders! All this to say that spiders, although I kill them when I get a chance (my small contribution to subduing the earth), I have no outright vendetta against them or fear of them. This fact is clear in my mind, but obviously not in my subconscious.
One Sunday evening this summer Crystal was awakened by shouts. I personally did not hear the culprit, but she tells me the shrieks were coming from our room. For the sake of the story we will call this sorry fellow, "Seth." Anyway, Crystal was started from her sleep by this ruckus, and she turned to "Seth" and asked if everything was alright. His only response was "Spiders!... spiders!..." and more movement. As soon as these words had escaped his mouth he leapt off the end the bed, taking all the covers with him. This was slightly unnerving for Crystal and more questions were asked as she pondered whether the spiders were on her side of the bed as well.
I suppose the situation would have been quite interesting had I been awake for it. In the middle of the night there is a poor delusional soul kneeling at the end of the bed with all the covers surrounding him, obviously frightened by something, would be something to remember.
In the morning when asked about it, I was foggy. I do remember having a dream where a tarantula was running toward me and I jumped over it, but that is about it. I propose that this "mythical" account was simply a dream of Crystal's.
Now, how did all these covers get on the ground?

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