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Friday, November 20, 2009


In our new home we have decided to take on a drastic remodeling. We are getting rid of our windows. Now this may seem overly aggressive to some of you, but we have weighed the evidence and have determined that this is for the best. Here is what we have found:

The positive elements for keeping windows -
1. "Everyone" has windows
2. The long history of windows
3. Windows will be better in the future
4. To much hassle involved in getting rid of one's windows

The negative elements for keeping windows -
1. Nasty stuff can come in through windows
2. Much is let out through windows
3. The opening up and closing of windows can take a long time - and time is important!
4. The construction of windows definitely makes a better opening than a platform.

Really, Macs are the way to go, that is why you won't find Windows in our home.

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