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Friday, April 2, 2010

Caribou Rejects

Crystal and I were at Caribou Coffee (thanks to a teen in our youth group who gave us a gift card!) to get our usual apple cider. While there we noticed that Caribou is touting some new Eco-friendly, smiling bring, at times humanistic statements. Things like "reread you favorite book," "become a beekeeper," and "be your own boss" line the walls of the coffee shop.

Crystal and I thought of a few that they forgot, and hope that one of their advertising agents reads this post. These are winners.
Be more aerodynamic- shave an eyebrow.
Wear dirty socks.
Make an impact is someones life today- poke them in the eye.
Save on gas consumption- tailgate.
Befriend a skunk.
Reuse your Kleenex.
Don't waste- drink expired milk.
Save time- wear Velcro.
Share with others - your toothbrush.

I guess "being green" only goes so far.

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