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Friday, October 8, 2010

Studying and Surviving

This past week Heather has been staying with us as she attends classes at Central. After nearly 6 hours of studying (or teaching and working at the school for Crystal) we all need a little fresh air. With the weather being so beautiful this past week we have enjoyed going for walks and doing a little geocaching. For those who have no idea what geocaching is, it is an "Everyman's Treasure Hunt." Think National Treasure/Indiana Jones meets a normal person on a tight budget (who most likely would not do well in a fight with the Masons or Nazis). For a more comprehensive look you can visit the official website here.

It has been so nice to get outside and walk, enjoying God's creation. Here are just a few pictures I took with my phone while strolling through the parks (ok, at some times it looks more like a mad dash, or a flailing frenzy of arms as one of us tumbles down an embankment in the woods, but I prefer to think of it as "strolling").

Heather is pointing to a cache which baffled us. We looked for it a few months ago, not finding it after hiking through woods, 6 foot high grass and forging several streams (Ben did the dirty work). It ended up being on the wrong side of the stream!

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