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Monday, November 1, 2010

Chasing down deer

I read in a book awhile back that it is possible for a human to run longer and harder than a deer. Supposedly this is a hunting tactic which has been used in various tribes on the African continent (whether they starved to death or not was not recorded).
Because I like to run, and because I am not allowed to shoot firearms in the city limits of Edina, I thought I would try to "bring home the bacon" if you will (reading that final statement you may be thinking that a chunk of pork is my prey, but it is not. It may be easier to run down Porky the Pig, but I am going for venison).
So, as I was out running this afternoon I decided to try it out at the nearby Bredesen Park. I passed two deer on my first run around the park and then cut through the middle in order to select my future dinner. I ran up on a spiked buck and initiated the pursuit.
The whole hunt began on a good foot (unfortunately he had four of them and I only have two). I got within 15 feet of him before he popped his tail and began to taunt me with his carefree bounding. He would run up the trail until the curve and then wait for me to catch up, then resume his nonchalant hopping. This carried on for about 1/4 mile before another runner came from the other direction. This forced my venison stew to resort to a quick get-a-way into the swamp and leave me watching my dinner slop away.
I actually don't know what I would have done if I would have caught him. Maybe jump on him?
I took three picture on the run with my phone. They weren't his best side, so don't look too closely.

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