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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Andrew Peterson

One of my favorite artists to listen to is Andrew Peterson. He has a way of capturing my imagination and making me see this world in a different way. I have a list of favorite songs, but at the top are:
1. Dancing in the Mine Fields (This takes first place for sure. The rest of the list is not in any specific order)
2. The hidden track after "Why Walk When You Can Fly"
3. In the Night
4. The Reckoning
5. Little Boy Heart Alive (You can get this track and the whole album for free here - Andrew Peterson)
6. Let There be Light
7. After the Last Tear Falls

Not only do I like listening to his music, but have truly relished his Wingfeather Saga. The only problem is that I had to wait 3 months to get the 3rd book - a really long time if you have ever read the ending of the 2nd! Now I don't even know when the final book will be written and released! The pain...

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