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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elisha’s Bones by Don Hoesel

Elisha’s Bones
by Don Hoesel
Product Details
Kindle: 336 pages
Publisher: Bethany House
Date Published: 2009

Point: Jack Hawthorne, a normal professor teaching normal archeological classes, steps into an adventure which will challenge his past, present, and very uncertain future.
Path: The reader is led along a mysterious path of a tragic event in Jack’s past, an uncertain relationship with someone he once loved, and a forsaken interest in the Divine.
Agreement: Though starting out somewhat slow, the reader is caught up with the story. Toward the end it is very hard to put down. The author develops the story and keeps suspense. Paced much like the “Da Vinci Code”.
Disagreement: Skeptical attitudes toward Scripture are ever present in the background. The premise of the book seems to be “if facts and experience can prove it, I will believe it”. Jack’s “reconciliation” with God was poor. One comes away with the feeling that Jack and God are friends again. 
Stars: 3 out of 5
It would be worth another read as a interesting suspense novel.

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