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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Read

The Organized Heart

Staci Eastin

Product Details

  1. Kindle Ebook
  1. Publisher: Cruciform Press
  1. Date of reading: January 10, 2012

Point: Eastin says, “My hope for this book is that it will help you serve God and your family more effectively, more fruitfully, and with greater peace and joy.”

Path: The author delves into the reasons behind the disorganized lives we sometimes live. Showing how the sinfulness of our heart often is the reason that we are not organized, she covers four main idols of the heart: perfectionism, busyness, possessions, and leisure.

Sources: She refers to several other books such as Lou Priolo’s Pleasing People, Carol Cornish and Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Women Helping Women, and Jeremiah Buroughs’ Contentment.

Agreement: This was a wonderful look at organization. Eastin brings out many reasons why we do not live organized lives, and also many reasons that the “organized” lives that we live may not be pleasing to God. Are we fearing what man may think of us if we are not organized and seemingly put-together, or are we striving to honor God?

Personal App: This was a great and refreshing way to view organization. In a culture where organization is sort of the “in” thing to do, it was a blessing to be able to look at why it is important to be organized. It makes me double-check my life and see if I am trying to be organized for the right reasons!

One of my favorite quotes was this: “God is not glorified in the amount of things we get done, the number of spaces we fill on our calendars, or the length of our to-do lists. God is pleased when we serve him with sincere hearts.”

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

It would be worth another read and I would recommend it.

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