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Friday, May 25, 2012

On The Edge Of The Dark Sea of Darkness

On The Edge Of The Dark Sea of Darkness
by Andrew Peterson
Product Details
Audio Book: 8 hours
Publisher: Oasis Audio
Date Published: 2009

Point: Life can change in a moment when you give your life for what you love and what you believe in. Anyone who fails to fight when those are threatened has nothing for which to live.
Path:  The Igibys - Janner, Tink, Leeli, their mother Nia and grandfather Podo - are swept into a dangerous adventure surrounding the Jewels of Aniera. They face the fearsome Fangs of Dang, toothy cows, and their own jealousy and anger.
Sources: Andrew Peterson weaves a fast paced tale with quirky characters, fantastic animals, and entertaining humor all to show that we live in a world not too different.
Agreement: This is a great story which is fun to follow. The progression of the plot makes the book difficult to put down. I loved the footnotes in the print version and was sad that they did not continue in the books which followed in the story. This was my first introduction to the genre of fantasy, and now firmly believe in its purpose.
Disagreement: Peterson needs to learn how to end a chapter. Without a way to peacefully putting the book down I was forced to stay up late at night reading to find out what was about to happen.
Personal App: What am I willing to do for what I love and believe in? If I won’t do it during peace time, would that change in war?
Favorite Quote: description of the Leeli singing with the dragons.
Stars: 5 out of 5
It would be worth another read and I would recommend it.

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