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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Man-A-Thon XII s part 3

While at the campsite we spent time eating, hanging out, playing games, eating, laughing, and eating. We also took time to look at how we must accept responsibility in our relationship with God, our family, at work, and with our peers.
 Our campsite was on a point, and we had loons routinely passing by in the evenings. The pesky thing about them was that they were catching fish, while the fishermen in our group were not. It spoiled their idea that there were no fish in the lake.

 We took off early Thursday morning and worked our way back to Brule. We tried a new route and ended up portaging about a mile in one shot. It would have been shorter but we ran into a dried up lake. Below you can tell that Harry had a few questions about what really took place when he tried to step into the canoe.

  We had a great trip and I think it was enjoyed by all - at least it will be remembered by all!

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