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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Genesis by Max McLean

by Max McLean

Product Details
  1. DVD: 115 minutes
  2. Producer: Gateway Films
  3. Date Performed: 1998

Point: God is concerned and actively involved with humanity. 

Path: McLean leads the viewer through the Genesis story. From the creation of the world through the death of Abraham, God’s promises and protection are clearly displayed.
Though not a word for word recitation, McLean stays extremely close to the storyline and wording of the ancient Scriptures.
Though not a complete performance of Genesis, McLean delivers significant portions of the story (stops at the death of Abraham. Excludes some subplots.)

Agreement: This format of telling the story to an anticipating audience is closer to reality than what those in the 21st century are used to. In a primarily oral society, Moses probably would have heard these stories told to him over and over as a very young boy. He may then have also read them in the libraries of Egypt as a young man.

Personal App: A fresh perspective is available through this format. Have I been really listening to the story?

Story: 5 stars
Performance: 5 stars
Videography: 3 stars (made in 1998)

Overall: 4 out of 5

It would be worth another viewing and I would recommend it.

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