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Friday, July 1, 2011

Treasure Seekers

"The Story of the Treasure Seekers" by Edith Nesbit

This is an audiobook by Librivox. The reader did an excellent job. It can be found for free on iTunes as audio or at Amazon for the kindle book.

Point: A true view of a person can be seen when he acts upon what he believes to be true, not necessarily what has been "proved" to be true.

Path:  The Bastable children, 6 in total, are in search of restoring the lost fortunes of the good Bastable family name. Their mother died several years earlier, and the business of their father is not good. They each concoct a way in which they believe that they will be able to restore the lost fortunes. Chapter by chapter they each try their ways at encountering treasure. Their full imaginations carry the reader through a world in their minds which is perhaps much more real than the world which I have chosen to see.
Sources: An imagination alive with the fire of youth.
Agreement: The imagination is not a hindrance, or a childish bane. It is the lens through which we see our world, the interpretive grid by which we understand what is beyond.
Personal App: Some of the bravest people in this world are under the age of 10. Those who act nobly upon what they believe, not necessarily what has been proved to be true, are those with real courage. Anyone can walk to the bathroom at night because they have convinced themselves that no one is in the house. But the child who walks stiffly down the hallway when he is convinced that there is a robber in the house, he is the braver.
Stars: 4.5 out of 5
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would have liked to see the ending changed to be more of a recognition of the true fortunes they possessed in their imagination and family. I laughed at parts, nearly cried at others. The reader was excellent.

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