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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Craft of Research

The Craft of Research
by Booth, Colomb, and Williams
Product Details
Publisher: The U of Chicago Press
Date Published: 2008

Is there a need to do research anymore? What is the point of research? How should one go about researching a topic? The Craft of Research was written in response to questions like these. Combining years of experience and learning, Booth (posthumously), Colomb and Williams evaluate the art of research and those who master it.
The authors divide their work into four primary sections. The first deals with the big idea of research, researches and readers. Here the focus is on the background and overarching concepts of research. According to the authors, “we do research whenever we gather information to answer a question that solves a problem...”.
The second section addresses the questions related to starting a project. By asking the right questions, the researcher is able to find a topic, narrow it down, find its significance, and begin working toward an answer. The following movement is then addressing the problems presented with the proper sources of information.
The third section revolves around making claims and proposing ideas. As problems are presented, answers need to be given. These answers must be fair, legitimate and reasoned. 
The final section presents the process of writing and presenting one’s ideas in a clear manner. From preliminary drafting to final editing, the process is challenging but rewarding. In order to accomplish one’s objectives of clearly communicating an idea the researcher must be willing to work.
The Craft of Research has many valuable principles, ideas, and examples to offer the reader. Through clear writing, helpful examples, and a usable format, the authors provide a manual to encourage and guide the reader in his research.

Stars: 4 out of 5

It would be worth another read.

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